Play Your Tuscany is a journey of discovery!

What is “Play Your Tuscany”? > A series of blog tours that aim to promote the region of Tuscany.

How it Works > Groups of bloggers, photographers and videographers will be given the opportunity to participate in thematic itineraries which will be organized in cities and areas throughout the region. At the end of each tour, participants will be asked to give an account of their experience in Tuscany and provide the Play Your Tuscany staff with all of the photographs, videos and articles chronicling their tour experience.

Why “YOUR Tuscany”? > We have used the term “YOUR Tuscany” because participants will not be “forced” to follow the rules; instead, on each day of the tour, they will choose their own afternoon activities.

How to Apply > Applications will be collected through the “Apply” section of this website in which there is a form to fill out. Each application will be kept on file in order to select participants for forthcoming tours.

Participate in the game. Play your Tuscany!






This journey, in one of the most famous and iconic areas of Tuscany, will pamper players literally immersing them in hot sulphureous water. They will experience the underground side of the glorious landscapes made of soft hills of Val d’Orcia, Amiata and tufa lands.

After the discovery of food and wines delights, after the immersion in history and art treasures, after the joy of sport in nature and the contact with the profound wisdom beyond art crafts and typical handmade products, it is finally time to treat ourselves in the voluptuous pleasure of thermal spas and slowlife side of Tuscany.

How it works: the itinerary is expected to include group activities or the optional ones chosen by individual players, to be selected from our proposals or freely picked according to what one likes doing. Please suggest! We are listening!


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Read the stories we put together during our 4 amazing tours! Apply to take part in the game: become a player! Do you know someone that should take part in it? Share it!

Stay tuned!