Wednesday, April 17th: Players arrive and get settled in Pisa.

Thursday, April 18th
Pisa: Through Science, Art and Food

All together:

Although uniting both art and science, architecture and experiments, inspirations and hypotheses may seem a little daunting, it isn’t if you do it in Pisa! Pisa is a city of great artistic treasures and the birthplace of the father of modern science, Galileo Galilei.

Visiting Pisa in the footsteps of Galileo is the most unique way to explore the many faces of the city. Guided by a Galileo expert, the tour leads players through the places in which the great scientist lived and worked to discover the secrets he left behind!




Activities to choose from:

The Absolute Egg
(by Paolo Parisi) A quick and simple cooking lesson that will surprise you!

Hunting… for truffles!
(by Savini Tartufi) A journey into the woods to explore the link between tradition and territory, man and dog (your irreplaceable companion in this activity!) – Savini Tartufi.

Hands in the pasta!
Pasta-making with Pastificio Martelli, a family-run pasta producer that exemplifies the professionalism and passion needed to continue such a well-established and successful artisanal business.

Play the game by your rules! Tell us what you would like to do!

Stay the night in Pisa.





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