Saturday, April 20th
Carrara & Apuan Alps: Tuscany’s Great Whites

A stretch of narrow terrain that is located between the sea and the mountains, two natural settings that seem to both contrast and complement one another in an incomparable display of beauty. This is where you’ll find Carrara, famous since ancient Roman times for the excellent quality of its white marble.

The morning will be dedicated to an off-road tour among the white marble quarries that have attracted artists for centuries. Just think of one of the world’s best sculptors, Antonio Canova, and more recently, Henry Moore; as well as writers like Charles Dickens.

The tour will allow players to visit the areas in which Carrara’s marble has been extracted for centuries, such as the quarry from which Michelangelo chose his marble blocks; blocks that already hold artistic greatness within them, Michelangelo once said.
This is an adventurous itinerary, characterized by breathtaking panoramas and suggestive views of the Versilian coast.

Once the adventure subsides, the now-hungry players can satisfy their appetites in the historic centre of Carrara, with a lunch at a traditional trattoria.




Activities to choose from:

Artist for a day
A marble workshop with an artist and a walk through the historic centre of Carrara.

The white of the Apuan Alps
A short tour to explore Candia DOC vineyards in the Apuan Hills and visit a historic workshop that produces Lard from Colonnata.

Eat like a quarryman
Prepare some of the delicious traditional dishes from the quarryman’s frugal diet to rediscover ancient tastes, in addition to the king of all foods: white lard.

Play the game by your rules! Tell us what you would like to do!

The group of players will reunite for dinner in Colonnata, where they will taste the dishes prepared during the taste lab!

Stay the night in accomodations along the coast or in the hills.




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