Saturday, November 9th
Cortona: discovering terracotta and goldsmith’s art

Activities to choose from:

  • Visit and workshop at “Terrabruga”, popular ceramics called “cocci” made with the traditional process that still work in the laboratory in the historic centre of Cortona, where several kind of products was born over the years according to the market needs.. In the lab, helped by Mr. Giulio, players will create an object or color one of the ready and take it home.
  • Visit and workshop at “Maestri orafi Del Brenna”. In the cellars of the Palazzo Alfieri, players will have the opportunity to meet professional artists and artisans, interact with them and discover the techniques and processes involved in the creation of jewelry. During the visit will be also offered a “Jewellery tasting” (prosecco with gold dust).

Lunch all together


Foiano della Chiana

All together:

The Foiano Carnival is one of the oldest carnivals of Italy (established in 1539). It is built throughout the year and lived every day. The 4 yards that compete are called Balloon, Blue, Rustic and Nottambuli and its activies involves all the artistic citizens of Foiano in hope of getting the cup for the best float.

Players, driven by Mrs. Alice, will be able to participate in the activities of preparation of the wagon in one of the yards.

Then back to Florence, rest, dinner and and good night!


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