to be savoured

APRIL, 17TH – 21ST

Among the many things Tuscany is famous for are its culinary specialities and vast artistic heritage. Leaning towers; centuries-old defense walls; marble quarries that gave Michelangelo and Canova the rocks for their masterworks; mouth-watering truffles, chocolate, wine; and the best-known lard in all of Italy. Even if there is so much more to explore and experience in Tuscany, for the first itinerary we’ve decided to offer players this selection of experiences. But don’t fret: there are many more on the horizon!

How it works: the first part of each day will be organized by the staff and all players will participate. Then, each player will be free to roam and do as he/she pleases for the second part of the day; the staff offers a few ideas on what to do, but each player is completely free to choose and do their own activity!

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