Jamie Lee blogger for Play Your Tuscany Elisa Orlando blogger for Play Your Tuscany Edoardo Pucciarelli blogger for Play Your Tuscany

Jamie is an American travel blogger who lives in central Italy and has a passion for food and Italy. You can find her out looking for the next best local dish or over at her travel blog, A Bite of Culture. (Psst! She’s also on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!)

Elisa works in a winery in Tuscany and her biggest passion besides wine is photography. She loves to describe places through words and images on her blog In Giro con Piccinaccia. She’s also Instagramers manager for Grosseto province. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Edoardo is a Web Marketing Consultant in love with Tuscany. He has a keen for traveling, art, Star Trek, and lasagne. He co-founded My Travel in Tuscany where he gives tips for travelers about places to see, especially the hidden ones, and things to do in this region. Follow his blog on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.




Alessio Grazie photographer for Play Your Tuscany Bernardino Caruso Videomaker for Play Your Tuscany Francesco Tipaldi videomaker for Play Your Tuscany

Alessio lives in Sinalunga, near Siena. His works are based on post production: according to him, the initial photo is a canvas with a sketch on which to paint, play with the colors and calibrate the lights. He started with landscapes and then with horse obstacle jumping. At the moment he’s focusing on dance performances with their unique atmospheres. Check out his work on Flickr.

Videomaker and foley artist based in Salerno. He is a chaotic digital, always traveling in his mind. He Loves jazz music. Have a look at his videos on Vimeo.

Francesco is an Italian videomaker who studied Photography and Filmmaking at the Academy of Fine arts in Naples. Movies, videos and screenplays allow him to express himself, infuse his feelings and passions and show people the several places and stories he has in his mind.