Friday, February 21th
Abbadia San Salvatore: you’ll feel like a miner.

In the morning we will visit to the mining museum of Abbadia San Salvatore: a chance to experience the same conditions in which the miners used to live, venturing underground along the tunnels that the workers mined until the late 19th century. Then the chemistry workshop, where we’ll learn how mercury is made; we will treat cinnabar so as to understand how mercury is extracted (we will work with the Technical Chemical and Industrial Institute of Abbadia for 1 hour).

Lunch at Enoteca Sala Carli in Abbadia San Salvatore



Natural springs and spa

In the afternoon we will move on to the San Casciano dei Bagni: natural springs, small and welcoming. From the main square in San Casciano, we walk along a lovely path by sports grounds before reaching the ‘Bagno Grande’ and the ‘Bagno Bossolo’, complete with ancient washhouses.

The visit will end up with a relaxing bath on the swimming pools of hot water (42°C) at Fonteverde Spa Resort. Relax is never too much!

Dinner at La Filanda restaurant and night at Hotel Rossi in Manciano.



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