Tastes off the beaten track day one Lunigiana big


Thursday, November 29

The tour begins in Zeri, where a special breed of lamb, called the “zerasca”, has managed to maintain its special characteristics over time by virtue of the area’s isolation.

Just few kilometers further south, in the area around Mulazzo, the “Hospitality village” manages more than 1000 bee families used in the production of Miele della Lunigiana Dop (DOP Lunigiana honey), the first in Italy to obtain this European designation.

The third and final stop on this itinerary is Apella, a medieval village that today focuses on Farina di Castagne della Lunigiana DOP (chestnut flour). The Lunigiana is essentially an enormous chestnut forest: chestnuts were a fundamental part of the regional diet for generations of Lunigianesi, particularly in rural areas.

After visiting a centuries-old mill, the players will head off on their bicycles to enjoy a ride through historic villages, chestnut forests and castles.



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