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Saturday, December 1st

From the Garfagnana, we’ll go down toward the area that the writer Jean Charles Léonard Simonde de Sismondi called “Swiss Pescia”, where the thriving hills hide villages and castles with millenary history. There are 10 villages, nicknamed “castella”, that make up the Valleriana, and one is particularly famous for the production of a very special type of bean. Super-tasty and easily digestible, the white Sorana IGP bean is set apart for its soft skin, flimsy and yet never detaching during cooking.

In these green hills there are also various olive groves that produce the raw materials for one of the most iconic products of Tuscany: olive oil. After hiking through the Valleriana castella, the players will visit one of the local olive oil mills to discover all the secrets behind IGP Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil.



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