Esther Garcia blogger for Play Your Tuscany Velaria Necchio blogger for Play Your Tuscany Meagen and Tom for Play Your Tuscany

Esther was born in Salamanca, Spain. She started her blog Nextination as a diary when she decided to move to Shanghai (China) after living in Madrid and as a way for her family and friends to follow her adventures. Her blog has grown up and now it focuses on her travels, made in 6 years through 3 continents: Europe, Asia and America. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter

Valeria is an Italian-born writer, photographer and author of “Veneto”, a memoir-meets-cookbook on the food of her origins. On a good day, she covers stories on matters of food, travel, culture and lifestyle for a wide array of publications. On a bad day, she can be found eating too much cheese and watching movie trailers. Follow her on Instagram and Pinterest.

Tommo & Megsy (the authors behind Food Fun Travel) are two roaming food & travel photographers, writers & podcasters with an insatiable passion for seeking out culinary excellence. They have been regularly featured in leading publications such as Forbes, Buzzfeed, Yahoo Travel, and more.” Follow their food adventures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.



Jacopo Bellomo Videomaker for Play Your Tuscany Gabriele Montagni for Play Your Tuscany

Jacopo is graduated in fine arts in Florence. He loves taking pictures and creating videos. No matter who or where his subjects are, the important thing is that everything is simple, direct and unequivocal. Follow him on Instagram and check out his work on Vimeo.

Gabriele is both videomaker and photographer, he loves to capture moments of happiness and make them one of a kind. After traveling to Australia, Germany, Austria and England, he decided to put together his main passions: videomaking and traveling. He likes to be called “citizen of the world”. Follow him on Instagram and check out his website.